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10 Days Towards 10 Years - #7/365

A stream of consciousness on committing to a path

I'm going through an interesting period of my life. I've kinda come to a crossroads with several paths I could take. 

I could double down on content, and create a media machine with IndieStack, GPTx and a couple others I've tried to start. 

I could build more products like Inspired or Ship, and either sell them off early or actually build them out. 

I could create courses like Bubble + GPT3 tutorial. 

I've been mildly successful at all of these paths, and now I'm feeling the pressure of picking one and doubling down on it - committing to walking far down the path - so I can leave the "mildly successful" area and enter the "wildly successful" area. 

The problem is - I have NO IDEA which one to pick. I want to pick all of them, because I love all of them.  I realize I've been trying them on for size in the past few months and the problem is, they all fit me well. 

I'm not a pro and con type of person - I tend to go with gut feeling and intuition. But in this case my gut feeling is leading me to cut myself into thirds and pursue all the paths - so I have to push back against this gut feeling. 

Let's go with a pros and cons list for each of these paths:

Creating a media machine

  •  my SEO brings all the boys to the yard
  •  I enjoy all of these topics and can easily write about them day to day
  •  I already have pretty good momentum with IndieStack, I just need to keep publishing
  • Media companies have potential to make good money if I dedicate my time to quality content


  •  It takes a long time for SEO to take effect and for momentum to build for media projects
  •  I have several strong interests and if I go the media machine route I might have to pick a couple and neglect the others
  •  What if I run out of content ideas? Coming up with content ideas can be exhausting and tedious
  •  I feel compelled to make use of YT and record videos but I'm terrible at video and don't know where to start
  • I will miss building products 

Building Products

  •  I love building products
  •  I can sell products for 4-5 figures within months of building it, meaning I can probably realistically sell 4-6 products a year. 
  •  I'll build credibility as someone who launches products often
  •  The people I admire the most in the indie hacking space are those who ship/sell fast
  •  I'll build an audience quicker which will lead to a flywheel of growing quicker and possibly selling quicker
  •  I might find a SaaS that I want to grow and manage myself, creating MRR 


  •  I can only build with no code so my creativity is limited by what no code tools are able to accomplish
  •  Even selling 4-6 products for 4-5 figures (prob low 5 figs) doesn't result in a great income at the end of the year and isn't a scalable solution
  •  I could run out of product ideas and get stuck for months on what to build
  • My products could suck...

Creating courses

  •  I get to help others fast track their progress 
  •  I get to put to use all my knowledge that's been tucked away for years
  •  I can create several courses in a short period of time and sell them repeatedly - it can scale quite nicely
  •  I can establish myself as an expert in a certain domain - likely no code.
  •  I would always be learning new things so I can teach them


    •  I would probably get bored of building courses
    •  I'm not confident in my teaching abilities, so I'm not sure how far I could take this path
    •  I'm just not sure that courses is my calling... 

    Well now that I've done this exercise, I still don't know which path I want to take...

    I wonder if there's a compromise. Let's face it, getting started, going from 0-1 is the hardest part. Establishing a cadence, getting into a groove, etc. is the hard part of all of this. So maybe I can try a layered approach. 

    Spend one year going down one path and establishing my routine, my cadence in it, establishing some momentum. And once that flywheel is turning pretty consistently and quickly, I can do what is needed to keep it going, but also start to turn a new flywheel next to it. 

    Here's the challenge: I'm impatient and distractible. I would have to develop a certain level of discipline overnight that I have simply never come close to having. 

    I would have to put in place some strict constraints on myself to make sure that I don't deviate from the plan.

    Is it possible? Yes. Might I be setting myself up for failure? Quite possibly. 

    Let's assume I can be disciplined and this approach would be wildly successful. The next question is, what do I start with? What does year 1 look like?

    I think the smartest place to start would be with a media machine. Simply because SEO takes time to take effect, so the earlier I start it, the more compounding returns I'll get on it. 


    The way to keep my monkey mind engaged while building a media machine is to actually build several media machines that span many of my interests. 


    One year is not a long time. In a timeline where I'm looking towards 10 years from now, taking 3/10ths of it to establish 3 streams of expertise and income is actually quite reasonable. 


    Alright - media machine(s) it is. Now that I've narrowed on category, I'll have to narrow on topic, maybe. Perhaps I can sustain building 4 different media sites, perhaps I can't. The only way to find out will be to try it. 

    Here are the 4 I want to double down on:

    1. IndieStack: I want to revive IndieStack, both the content and community. This is will be my #1 priority. 

    2. GPTx: Posting news summaries is pretty easy. The harder part will be creating/curating more educational and practical content

    3. Pop the Bubble: This is a new advanced Bubble publication for serious Bubblers looking to take a deep dive into lesser known Bubble topics. 

    4. Growth Notes: I started Growth Notes yesterday. The idea is to curate/summarize quality, value-filled, life-changing content. 

    It's a lot. 

    It's a fucking lot. 

    But I'd rather fail at some than not try it. 


    Well, there we are. Today is July 17th, 2021. Until July 17th, 2022 I will say no to every other project that pops into my brain.

    Day after day, I will create/curate content for these 4 media sites, aiming to divide my time/efforts as evenly as possible to give them all a fighting chance. 

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