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10 Days Towards 10 Years - #4 #5 #6/365

Making up for lost time

As expected, I fell off the wagon and missed three 10-day chunks. A couple years ago, maybe even a couple months ago, I would have beat myself up so bad for missing the days that I would have just quit and avoided it all together. This time, I gave myself a break - life happens - and picked back up when I could. 

Part of the demotivation is the feeling that I'm writing into the void. While I'm not writing this for an audience in particular, I've noticed how motivating it is to get positive feedback from people who are consuming my content. For example, Val and I have received some really great positive feedback on our podcast. And it's amazing what a long way a small bit of encouragement goes to keeping us consistent and motivated to show up every week. 

With this blog, I'm not even sure that a single person is reading it. Even though at the very beginning, I didn't intend this to be written for an audience, but rather as more of a journal for myself. 

I think the fact that it's on the internet, rather than inside a closed notebook, gives it an inherent desire to be read by others. 

That being said. Let's get into updates...

It's incredible how much changes in 30 days. It's also indicative of the fact that I haven't quite landed on my "thing" yet, because I'm still bouncing around. Partially, it's my own shortcoming for not committing to something more deeply and partially it's that I haven't felt a flow state happen in any of the things I've picked up. It's a tough balance to hit. 

Bubble + GPT3 Tutorial

I just read my last update (one month ago) and realized I hadn't built my tutorial yet. That has been my major accomplishment in the past 30 days. I created a tutorial teaching how to integrate GPT3 with Bubble. I'm proud of this. It probably took me about 2 weeks to finish the whole thing - not full time - working on it a couple hours a day. I haven't done any marketing of it, and I've sold 13 copies (refunded 1). 

I recently raised my price (from $49 to $79) based on a suggestion from a customer. I intend on taking some time to market it (not sure how yet). It would be stupid not to market it given that I've built it and now can sell it over and over. 


I'm quite ashamed to say that IndieStack has fallen through the cracks. I stopped writing the weekly newsletters and I have fallen behind on facilitating the weekly meetups. Participation in the community has also fallen quite a bit. I want to pick it back up but I don't know how to. In this case, I do feel as though I'm avoiding it and slowly giving up. But I still have hope that I'll pick it back up. Maybe I'll try to set anti-goals for this community. 

Ship Widget

I have been building this website widget with no code. It was somewhat of a fun project because I've always wanted to create a website widget but never learned how to do it with code. So when I found out that I could build it with Bubble, I was so excited and ready to learn how. As I continued to build it, I realized there were many drawbacks to it, and kind of slowed down: instead of having a goal to take it live and get customers, I treated it as a fun project. Still re-thinking this one. I might want to take some time to try to make it go live and see if people might actually use it. 


GPTx is my latest project. I have gotten very deep into GPT3 - it's a lot of fun and I'm quite good at intuitively understanding the tool in a way others have a hard time doing. So, I decided to start a platform that provides resources, tools and news for people to jumpstart their projects. I just started it and it's been quite slow going. My goal is to start a video series where I go through GPT3 in detail, as well as a Prompt Engineer series where I show others the best practices around building prompts. I know, I know - I have lofty goals. Let's see where I am in 10 days... 

Contract work

I've been doing a little bit of contracting work for a small PR company. It's been a good way to keep income coming in while exploring these other avenues. Right now I'm probably working about 10 hours a week - which is low but looking to increase it pretty significantly in the coming weeks as more work becomes available. 

Personal News

I've started the Keto diet a few days ago and I feel physically fantastic. Kind of hangry all the time. But I suspect that will let up once the transition from burning carbs to burning fats is complete. 


Clearly just writing my non-negotiables on this blog is not working for me. So let's try something new. 

I'm going to dedicate a whole week primarily to one thing so I can focus and make headway on it before moving on to another thing. I don't know if that's a good cadence for me or not, but it'll be worth a try for at least 4 weeks. 

Week 1 (Jul 5-11): GPTx
Week 2 (Jul 12-18): IndieStack
Week 3 (Jul 19-25): Ship Widget
Week 4 (Jul 26-Aug 1): Marketing Bubble + GPT3 tutorial

That's all folks. Come back in 10 days for another post. Maybe. 

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