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10 Days Towards 10 Years - #3/365

Learning about my optimal working style

The last 10 days

In the last 10 days I settled one thing about myself: I don't do well when I'm only working on one project at a time. I've swung to both extremes in the past, where I worked on 4 or 5 projects at a time and ended up not finishing any of them because I was too distracted. And more recently, I focused on one project completely which was painful for me because I felt I had no outlet when I started getting super bored of it.

So, I've settled on a happy medium, one which I don't bounce around aimlessly, but still have some flexibility built in for when I feel like my gears get stuck: I'll be working on two projects at any given time.


Last week I shared on Twitter that Inspired was acquired and that tweet got a lot of love and attention.

As a result, I was asked several times if I could share how I built a GPT3 app on Bubble.

So, I'm putting together a tutorial on how I did this. This tutorial will be my project #1.

Last week, I came across a tutorial for creating website widgets with Bubble. I was ecstatic. So my project #2 will be an announcements widget.

The idea is to build/market each one of these projects in 100 hours. I'm keeping track of my hours and posting everything I do for each project on Twitter.



I had to let go of this project for now because the freelance work I'm doing might be a conflict of interest. Putting this one on the back burner for a later time.



I've really dropped the ball on IndieStack. I haven't posted in the past 10 days and I also missed two of the newsletters. This is entirely my fault, and I have no excuses. I will aim to do better in the next 10 days.

I did open up registrations for free for the month of June, but not too many people took advantage of the offer. Granted I have not marketed it heavily.

Here are the outcome numbers:

  • Revenue has increased by $12/month.
  • +9 Subscribers
  • 1,689 (+11) followers
  • Average about 1 discussion per day in community Slack



Val and I continue to record the Indie Bets Podcast. It's been great fun!



Again, I completely neglected my 3 non-negotiables in the last 10 days. Granted some things changed. I think what I need to do is to write them down and stick them on my monitor for daily in-your-face viewing. Let's try this again:

My 3 non-negotiables for the next 10 days are...

  • Put out 4 pieces of content for IndieStack
  • Finish Bubble + GPT3 Course
  • Write 2 blog posts for personal blog


That's all folks

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