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10 Days Towards 10 Years - #2/365

My first real acquisition is underway

The last 10 days

There have been some very exciting developments in the past 10 days. Inspired, the GPT-3 powered application I built in 30 days, is on the brink of sale. As I write this, I'm watching my PayPal account to see the money wire through.

After posting the app on MicroAcquire, there was an outpouring of interest in it. I received right around 50 requests within one week of posting. I raised my price from $2K to $5K since it seemed like demand was high and I might be undervaluing the app.

This was the right move.

Within 1 day of raising the price I had one serious potential buyer whom I spoke with on the phone. He was ready to pull the trigger at $3K. I wasn't ready to let it go for $3K especially so early in the game. He said he would circle back around about buying it for $5K, but then he ghosted me.

I beat myself up a bit for not letting it go after serious interest died down a bit. But, then, about a week later I received an email from someone saying they wanted to buy the app ASAP.

I can't say the app has been acquired yet because the money hasn't come through and nothing is final until it's final, but the deal is 95% closed.

This is my first (almost) real acquisition, albeit for a small-ish amount of money (granted it was a small app). I'm extremely pleased.


For the next 30 days (I'm on day 8 now) - I'll be working on a new product called LabPage. It's a WaaS for academics. The idea is that it's a simple website builder for labs that need a website or need to give their current websites a facelift. This project is one I will want to grow, rather than sell right away.


As far as IndieStack goes, I did well with social media posting for about 6 days, then didn't schedule more tweets to go out. I did repurpose a blog post from this blog, and I did keep up with the newsletter. I did not keep to my goal of writing articles 3x a week. Though, I really should because I noticed that when I post articles to Twitter, there's an uptick in my subscribers.

Here are the outcome numbers:

  • Revenue has increased by $12/month.
  • +9 Subscribers
  • 1,678 (+20) followers
  • Average about 1 discussion per day in community Slack

Again, write more articles, since that seems to be what truly moves the needle. That's it. That's my one improvement for the next 10 days.

Personal Val and I recorded and released our first podcast episode this week.


I didn't do a single one of my non-negotiables from last time. This is something I need to work on, and possibly find a solution for. Until then, I'll keep setting intentions:

My 3 non-negotiables for the next 10 days are...

  • Put out 5 pieces of content on IndieStack
  • Reach out to 50 Indie Makers directly
  • Put 40 hours into LabPage

That's all folks.

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