A personal journey of trying to make a living online while wrestling with life.

10 days towards 10 years - #1/365

Consistent, high-quality content pays off

Since this is the first 10 days towards 10 years post, I will set the intention for the full 10-year journey.

If I sit down to visualize what I want for the next 10 years of my life, I quickly come across an image of creating, growing and selling digital products. This is what I want to get good at. If I think about building and shipping a product every 30 days or so, that translates to about 120 products over a period of 10 years. Some, I imagine, I will ship and immediately sell. Others, I imagine, I will grow for quite some time before posting for sale (if ever). But the idea will be to build a portfolio of profitable products that will help me gain wealth, experience and credibility over the next 10 years.

In addition to building products, I will also continue to freelance, bringing in the bulk of my income through this avenue until my projects are able to sustain me.

I can only think right now as far as my first income goal: $10K/month. I hope to be up to this point in one year, or about 36 10-day chunks.

In this series, I will outline what I'm doing every 10 days to achieve this financial goal.

Most of my progress will be measured via inputs rather than outcomes, since that's what I have control over. Outcomes will be a byproduct of the work I put in.

In the last 10 days...

Right now, I have a few things going in parallel:

  • IndieStack is my main project
  • Freelancing produces my main income
  • Side projects, like Inspired.so, are my main compounding agents

IndieStack Inputs: I've continued to put out a weekly newsletter, posted another Curated Resources Guide, uploaded another pre-recorded Maker Stories and posted on social media mostly about our Ship in 30 challenge.


  • Revenue has increased by $24/month.
  • +9 Subscribers
  • Average about 1 discussion per day in community Slack
  • Had one major piece of positive feedback: Feedback This was the first time (ever! ie. in over 8 years) that I've gotten feedback that my consistent efforts have resulted in actual revenue. Big milestone, honestly.

Future Improvements

  • Tweet 2x/day about more general indie maker themes
  • Post on website 3x/week including one SEO-driven article
  • Reach out to indie makers directly

Inspired.so Inputs

  • Launched the fully-functioning alpha
  • Submitted it to two startup marketplaces

Personal Inputs

  • Reached out to Val Sopi about starting a two-person podcast together - he agreed :)
  • Started and stopped writing two blog posts
  • Decided to go visit my parents in Brazil in the summer. Need to renew passports.

In the past 10 days, I've...

  • Learned first hand that putting out good content pays off (keep at it)
  • Listened to a lot of two-person podcasts, some good ones are Build Your SaaS and Product Journey.

In the next 10 days my 3 non-negotiables are...

  • reach out to 30 indie makers directly
  • post on Twitter (IndieStack) 2x a day
  • put out 5 pieces of content for IndieStack

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